We ship all orders going to US addresses USPS flat rate.
The following shipping options are estimates, if your order exceeds the option calculated we’ll bump you to the next level and invoice your for the outstanding shipping costs. 
Our platform calculates this shipping for us 
Padded Flat Rate Envelope - $8.45 with $50 insurance included. 
Medium Flat Rate Box - $14.25 with $100 Insurance included .
Large Flat Rate Box - $19.20 with $100 insurance included.
BULK Order Shipping and will be calculated after its cut and invoiced for later.
Because international shipping rates can fluctuate and difficult to calculate (Shopify only calculates by weight, not dimensions for our shop) we will no longer charge shipping until the order is here and ready to ship.  You will then be invoiced for shipping and once paid your order will be released to the shipping courier. 
We know that this is not ideal but have made this chart to give you a general idea of shipping costs that will be invoiced.  
We based the yardage on our Cotton Spandex weights will vary depending on base 
  1-3 yards 4-8 yards over 8 yards 
Canada  $       32.00  $       68.00 will vary depending on base of fabric and size of box needed to ship 
UK  $       41.00  $       83.00
 Norway or Sweden  $       45.17  $       79.56
Germany or France  $       40.00  $       53.94
All other countries  $       46.00  $       84.00
Shipping rates are subject to change and are set by USPS. Any differences in shipping charges on a preorder already placed will need to be settled before fabric is shipped.